#arttoday & #wordsonlife -Autumn is reset and recovery

Hello autumn and red autumn leaves..🍁
It is that time of the year, autumn is finally here and it is time for reset and recovery, and to restore; the growth..

When the autumn leaves do turn red, it is to recover nutrients before falling off.. So that the trees will be ready for the next growing season. So to say, there is growth after each falloff🍁🍀😇.

So time to recover, and also great time of the year to visit Giverny, foundation Claude Monet to enJoY autumn by the picturesque water lilies and ponds of Monet, my favorite!

#arttoday & #wordsonlife Lifelong Journey

Lada Kopeika Project by Francis Alys exhibited in Hermitage Museum St.Petersburg, the story of a lifelong journey, journey and dream of driving The soviet car Lada to USSR border.
and what this piece of art recalls to me in the mood of nowadays,linked to my lifelong motto–> There may be blockages, accidents on the way; feeling of dead end moments all over, but don’t give up on your journey. Embrace change, adapt to find crossroads in dead ends and keep on, keep rowing/driving/walking, and sometimes waiting; breathing..whatever may happen. Vogue la galere..