About Me: DiLaVie way of life- Joie de Vivre

I’m Dila, a joyful individual with a personal motto of Joie de Vivre, an industrial engineer but also a pyschology lover at twenties, who finds a tranquil joy in being one’s self; and enjoying life.

I am a fan of traveling and exploring, especially for jazz, gourmet and art. The drifter off to see the world as in my favorite- “moon river”, a lover of good music, original decoration and taste combinations, I love finding and sharing such local spots; reading, collecting, discovering  and enjoying new snapshots and landscapes.

My Joie de Vivre journey and passion for reading and traveling started with a 6 months experience in the city of light, La Ville-Lumière– Paris, paris. Especially via following the tracks of Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald all over, and living the Jazz Age of my two favorite authors. Thus, no surprise you’ll run into much of France and the secret Paris of twenties!: )

However as Hemingway put it for his years in Paris 1920s,

moveable feast 2             quote 1

..joy of life is continous and everywhere for  there’s such a world to see,  taste, and share in each moveable feast..This is the Joie de Vivre platform for my way of enjoying life, -so DiLa-Vie,  enjoy!

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