Epernay, Champagne – the heart of the sparkling wine!


1 hour 10 minutes train runaway from Paris and you’re in the heart of the sparkling wine..This trip is to Epernay, the capital of Champagne region in France, where you will have an astonishing atmosphere of champagne boutiques, bars and mansions of the leading producers, for which you can arrange guided tours to visit.

Once you enter the town, you pass by the magnificant mayor building, which is actually the old building of Moet & Chandon, see the town hall and come to the beginning of an endless road of “champagne houses” – L’Avenue de Champagne..

You taste the noble ambiance of the “champagne houses” once standing at the entrance of Avenue de Champagne. Champagne houses stand for the many leading champagne producers that are lined on each side of this street as magnificent 19th century mansions. Below the street of these mansions lie a world of millions of champagne bottles. While walking through Avenue de Champagne, you pass one by one the headquarters of leading producers and you actually walk over the stored champagne bottles of Moet & Chandon, Mercier, De Castallane and so on.

First Moet & Chandon’s Dom Perignon welcomes you. Then all the leading producers come one by one as you pass by magnificant mansions with famous labels.

Suggest you to check the availability and open times of the champagne producers for arranging the champagne tours because not all of them are open all weekdays! You can find the necessary information below:

In my daily tour I visited the champagne cellars of Mercier. Going down to the cellars with a panoramic lift, a train vagon takes you to the champagne bottles beneath the town!

This is the world’s largest wine barrel that carried an equivalent amount of 200.000 bottles of champagne to Paris, for the World Trade Fair in 1889.
     Santé! 🙂 Cheers!

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