a strange cascade of chance, catch it; can we?

Sometimes there’s a strange cascade of chance, catch it- can we? and can we catch it without falling back?
inspiring work of photography that lead me to above thoughts- one of my favorite pieces from Artinternational – “Rolling with dice” by Robin Rhode. It’s a perspective where the chance waits forย us, and where we catch it while rolling with the dice all along in life.

JoYofArt feeling cotton cloudlike with “Blue Tree” from the dreams

Here is another favorite from the Artinternational, the great art fair held in Istanbul this weekend.
As a trilogy of “Yellow Tree Blue Tree Red Tree”, these cloudlike trees of David Nash were exhibited within Galerie Lelong Paris stand in the artfair. the blue one being one of my favorites, it gives such a cotton cloudlike feeling, pastel painting on paper successfully cascades a real imaginary : )

#JoYofArt Choose your colors to paint a brand new, JoYful & colorful week!

Out of an artful weekend at Artinternational in Istanbul, and filled with colors to start brand fresh new week..!
Starting the week with Katrin Fridriks‘ painting exhibited in the international artfair held in Halic Congress Center in Istanbul this weekend. It was a beautiful fair and this is one of my favorite pieces with the growing colors of life. The rest is yet to come!
Step by step grow and live your own colors.. So wishing all beautiful colors to paint a joyful & colorful week!
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JoYreads – great irony from Paulo Coelho, Aleph – expand your universe

Love finding words to underline, and yes I do love underlining words : ) Here is one of the favorites from Paulo Coelho‘s book, Aleph – again.
Keep expanding your universe and limits, for they really do even when you need to stop the most. Actually that’s when we thrive the most.. when we see where we actually can go, how our limits can expand when needed. and…that is when we (should) observe and implement – using the words “I can’t do anymore / I can’t evolve any further” much much less in our lives, which are easily wandering around us all the times as habits.
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coffee and flowers
So here is to a happy, rainy saturday of serenity and words.. though my favorite bookmark shows wine, it’s a good time of the day to rise and enjoy it with coffee – rise and shine on! : )

#Joy_messageoftoday happy friday wishing free smiles :)

happy friday of autumn from a joybike in Rome – wishing all joy & free smiles ๐Ÿ™‚
“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”
love Fitzgerald’s irony – especially agreeing with it even more strongly this fall.. This fall september energy calls most for reset & restore.
So…Start cycling, to new phases and places in life, turning them into joy of life – to joie de vivre. Think and find your aspirations to restore, where would you find yourself on the road to?:)

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Recalling dearest Fitzgerald on his birthday with my favorite quote from “The Crack-Up” – also being the first post of dilavie.wordpress.com and milestone of my #tableofjoys โœ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ dedicating to the ones with many #inspirations and #aspirations – life is full of epiphany moments to discover ๐Ÿ˜‡ #happybirthdayfitzgerald #scottfitzgerald greatest #writers of the #1920s #jazzage #lostgeneration #americanwriters in #paris #leftbank #shakespeareandcompany & its #literarycommune #hemingway #booksonmytable #fitzgeraldquotes #intelligence #literature #books #instabooks #igerbooks #instadaily #instawords #instablog #dilavieblog #instaliterature #photooftheday

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#arttoday & #wordsonlife -Autumn is reset and recovery

Hello autumn and red autumn leaves..๐Ÿ
It is that time of the year, autumn is finally here and it is time for reset and recovery, and to restore; the growth..

When the autumn leaves do turn red, it is to recover nutrients before falling off.. So that the trees will be ready for the next growing season. So to say, there is growth after each falloff๐Ÿ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ˜‡.

So time to recover, and also great time of the year to visit Giverny, foundation Claude Monet to enJoY autumn by the picturesque water lilies and ponds of Monet, my favorite!