Favorites from Artinternational Istanbul 2014

JoYofArt a strange cascade of chance, catch it; can we?

Sometimes there’s a strange cascade of chance, catch it- can we? and can we catch it without falling back?
inspiring work of photography that lead me to above thoughts- one of my favorite pieces from Artinternational – “Rolling with dice” by Robin Rhode. It’s a perspective where the chance waits for us, and where we catch it while rolling with the dice all along in life.

JoYofArt feeling cotton cloudlike with “Blue Tree” from the dreams

Here is another favorite from the Artinternational, the great art fair held in Istanbul this weekend.
As a trilogy of “Yellow Tree Blue Tree Red Tree”, these cloudlike trees of David Nash were exhibited within Galerie Lelong Paris stand in the artfair. the blue one being one of my favorites, it gives such a cotton cloudlike feeling, pastel painting on paper successfully cascades a real imaginary : )

JoYofArt Choose your colors to paint a brand new, JoYful & colorful week!

Out of an artful weekend at Artinternational in Istanbul, and filled with colors to start brand fresh new week..!
Starting the week with Katrin Fridriks‘ painting exhibited in the international artfair held in Halic Congress Center in Istanbul this weekend. It was a beautiful fair and this is one of my favorite pieces with the growing colors of life. The rest is yet to come!
Step by step grow and live your own colors.. So wishing all beautiful colors to paint a joyful & colorful week!
via Instagram http://ift.tt/YDtXsJ

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