#wordsonlife Greatly put-the three musketeers of a joyful flow.

Let today be for rise&shine with love, work and knowledge – give effort with love for the wisdom and awareness you seek, and in you already.
here is the drivers of a joyful flow, for water to find its way the best – greatly put by Wilhelm Reich.

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Joy of Art Daily – the best of the week was for friday:)

#artdaily of a happy friday -the best of the week was for friday it seems🎨
the popular leisure resort and its floating cafe- La Grenouillere painted by Monet, making real his dream as he once put it
“I do have a dream, a painting, the baths of La Grenouillere, but it is only a dream” …and now that dream is a real beauty of the day, calmness in the brush strokes of water..

Monet, La Grenouillere