it’s the water and Paris

As always it’s one the beautiful view of the water serenity.
Canal Saint-Martin, favorite and best spot in Paris to get away and lost with water serenity, and “joie de vivre”. It’s the water flowing through the locks and brides of Canal Saint-Martin, to balance the different levels of canal waterways. Missed my city of light, if you’re there just go and enjoy this view in Autumn!

#justgo Saint Petersburg- definitely a combination of Venice and Paris!

Recalling wishlocks of pont des Arts a Paris- a lovely view of St.Pete canals and bridges at midnight with sunlight:) #whitenights is the time to visit Saint Petersburg, endless walks with daylight and  beautiful and long evening time!

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Also don’t miss the celebrative tradition of watching the bridge openings at night! Starting with the white nights, every night all the bridges are stopped for traffic and opened. Below is one from yesterday night at 01.40 A.M. on Neva River – Dvortsovvy Most bridge.
It’s almost getting dark at 01.40  at night, with people watching both on riverside and on boats for with the bridge boat tours visiting most bridge openings within a 1,5 hour tour!
Saint Petersburg Bridge openings

Dvortsovvy Most bridge opening on Neva after midnight