JoY message of today – Have a dream and hold on.

Recalling the meaningful snapshot in lovely cobblestone roads of Rome. It was an instantaneous moment that I noticed the “I have a dream” writing with a map of Metro stations of the world, and the old man just about to leave the bookshop. and it was definitely worth to notice to capture this moment, when in Rome and all the narrow roads lead you to get lost in new snapshots and joys.

Have a dream, hold on to your dream, hold on to life – hold on.

Little Prince in Rome

If you’re in Rome and love original champagne coctails, accompanied by live jazz music in a lovely decorated place, definitely a stop-by.

Just ran into this ambiance while wandering around the narrow roads behind Piazza Navona, suggest you to do so -better finding a little prince coming from the sky when you just feel lost 🙂 and celebrating the moment with great friends, cheers!

Les Affiches Bar Decoration Picture 596

a few details for where you should get lost!:

Les Affiches

Via Di Santa Maria Dell’Anima 52, Rome, Italy