As always, “it’s the water” and water finds its way..

If you’ve once set out on the continuous journey to find yourself, to build/change your waterway-so to say if you’re free:)- don’t forget to take what the water gives you, to find its way, to flow, to crossover , attraversiamo , ..andd to thrive , to be “you” :).

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and for #musicarttoday, just as this waterway sunset ambiance recalls and goes quite well with one of my favorite songs;
What the water gave me by Florence and the Machine

What the water gave me by Florence and the Machine

 listen “what the water gave me” by Florence and the Machine

Let it flow, let there be clouds at the end of the water, enJoY ♪ ♫

..and start, listen to ♪ ♫  Happy Endings   ♪ ♫ by Faul while starting a joyful weekend.. Happy Friday!: )
thanks to Doctor Milione’s site finally found the lyrics:
“I know things have been a little strange around here lately
because of all the stuff that’s going on outside the house…
you know the pressure, the job, all those things that get way you down…
you know sometimes, just sometimes, you bring that home with you
and I understand, but you know, I want you to stop for a minute
and think about how much we have together”
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#justgo Saint Petersburg- definitely a combination of Venice and Paris!

Recalling wishlocks of pont des Arts a Paris- a lovely view of St.Pete canals and bridges at midnight with sunlight:) #whitenights is the time to visit Saint Petersburg, endless walks with daylight and  beautiful and long evening time!

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Also don’t miss the celebrative tradition of watching the bridge openings at night! Starting with the white nights, every night all the bridges are stopped for traffic and opened. Below is one from yesterday night at 01.40 A.M. on Neva River – Dvortsovvy Most bridge.
It’s almost getting dark at 01.40  at night, with people watching both on riverside and on boats for with the bridge boat tours visiting most bridge openings within a 1,5 hour tour!
Saint Petersburg Bridge openings

Dvortsovvy Most bridge opening on Neva after midnight