#wordsonlife Greatly put-the three musketeers of a joyful flow.

Let today be for rise&shine with love, work and knowledge – give effort with love for the wisdom and awareness you seek, and in you already.
here is the drivers of a joyful flow, for water to find its way the best – greatly put by Wilhelm Reich.

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Joy of Art Daily – the best of the week was for friday:)

#artdaily of a happy friday -the best of the week was for friday it seems🎨
the popular leisure resort and its floating cafe- La Grenouillere painted by Monet, making real his dream as he once put it
“I do have a dream, a painting, the baths of La Grenouillere, but it is only a dream” …and now that dream is a real beauty of the day, calmness in the brush strokes of water..

Monet, La Grenouillere

Joy of Art Daily – Let it flourish like sunshiny magnolias and irises by the water!

Such a joyful scene for today’s daily art from my lovely art calendar. “Magnolias and Irises” by Louis Comfort Tiffany, the figural window of Tiffany Studios, leaded favrile glass that reflects the peaceful colors of serenity.

Magnolias and Irises

Joy of Art Daily – Cassis with Signac’s Pointillism

Hello February with the loveliest place- started the day with a view from the coasts of Cassis, from my art calendar of the Metropolitan Museum of Art!
The rhythmic curves do carry a rhythm of their own actually, as Signac inscribed each of his pictures with an opus number to evoke analogies with musical compositions ♪♬ Thus, here we have the rhythm of the Cassis curves as Opus 198, consisting of small dots of his white, blue and orange colors feeding the whole in the viewer’s eye – as a work of pointillism style.
The Jetty at Cassis

Joy of Art Daily

Today’s #artdaily is istanbul in snow, and snow tranquility by the water ☺️❄️🐳 #yeditepeistanbul #istanbulinsnow #snowwhite #snow #snowbythewater #landscape #bosphorus #bridge #bogazici #nature #artofnature #skylovers #crystalclear #skyart #photooftheday
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