♩ ♪ ♫ Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream.. to the brand new day

wake up and walk to the picturesque early morning tranquility, feel the serene power of early morning – keep calm and shine; for yourself & loved ones!

sometimes life gives you tough times, maybe to expand your universe or limits, who knows. Take it for good, keep calm, visit your serenity source to feed your inner peace- for me it’s the water, again I guess.. and get ready to expand, for that is the only way to any solution if you may bring.

Here comes the sun, the sun of joie de vivre.

If you make it a habbit to start each day with a will to find a joy of it, you’ll see that there are a lot of spots where you can look for it.
Shine on, keep your hopes and shine on for yourself and for your loved ones! explore-today-music-enJoY-artful-mornings-passion-songs ..and follow the sun : )

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Quite happy to have found this greeting card in Barnes and Noble by sunrise greetings, which summarizes my joie de vivre, to enjoy life, explore, live artful with passion.

Let it flow, let there be clouds at the end of the water, enJoY ♪ ♫

..and start, listen to ♪ ♫  Happy Endings   ♪ ♫ by Faul while starting a joyful weekend.. Happy Friday!: )
thanks to Doctor Milione’s site finally found the lyrics:
“I know things have been a little strange around here lately
because of all the stuff that’s going on outside the house…
you know the pressure, the job, all those things that get way you down…
you know sometimes, just sometimes, you bring that home with you
and I understand, but you know, I want you to stop for a minute
and think about how much we have together”
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#arttoday – watching the “contemplative” tranquility..

Beautiful, tranquil drawing by the German painter David Friedrich, in Hermitage museum! 
The work of 1820s,  reflects Caspar David Friedrich‘s way of using “contemplative” approach, which is a term I liked a lot the while discovering his work and reading about his style, and it definitely matches this drawing – the term contemplative – with the girl and the boy figures we see from the back, looking deeply at the sea..Although not seeing their faces, the drawing clearly communicates the way they are in deep thoughts, lost in tranquility, admiring or getting lost within the nature.The two figures at the back, who don’t seem to belong to the existing timing of the drawing, probably reflect the allegory for which Friedrich was also known for. I am inspired to think they belong to the thoughts of the two figures in front, maybe their fears, maybe what they are leaving behind or thinking to leave behind.Anyway, the landscape itself in the center is both tranquil and as if personalized, communicating to us with the sails and clouds, which attracted me a lot during my visit in Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.

Below is a quotation from an art website I’ve found and liked a lot while trying to reflect my thoughts on this drawing. I think it matches with this piece a lot and expresses his works quite well!


“To Friedrich, nature was not just a backdrop to fill the space behind portraits, for him nature itself took center stage. He sought the spirituality through the contemplation of nature, extending the bounds of trees, mountains, hills and crashing waves beyond just a beautiful view. They now had significant spiritual meaning.”

Wishing you tranquility and good thoughts in contemplative landscape, wherever you may find it.. 🙂

#justgo Saint Petersburg- definitely a combination of Venice and Paris!

Recalling wishlocks of pont des Arts a Paris- a lovely view of St.Pete canals and bridges at midnight with sunlight:) #whitenights is the time to visit Saint Petersburg, endless walks with daylight and  beautiful and long evening time!

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Also don’t miss the celebrative tradition of watching the bridge openings at night! Starting with the white nights, every night all the bridges are stopped for traffic and opened. Below is one from yesterday night at 01.40 A.M. on Neva River – Dvortsovvy Most bridge.
It’s almost getting dark at 01.40  at night, with people watching both on riverside and on boats for with the bridge boat tours visiting most bridge openings within a 1,5 hour tour!
Saint Petersburg Bridge openings

Dvortsovvy Most bridge opening on Neva after midnight