JoYofArt – Miro’s pictorial symbols & painting-poems

Just visited Miro exhibition in Istanbul, Sakip Sabanci Museum today and enjoyed the pictorial world of symbols and spontaneity of colors!
Here is my favorite from many great artworks – “woman and birds at night”. As an older work of Miro where his symbols are through a maturation, the woman figure is no longer distinguishable via the women symbols like in earlier works. The woman figure is in the middle of the composition as if like a tree, and the boundary between the woman and the bird is less obvious. colors are softened giving the full painting itself an integrated composition.
The spontaneity of pictorial symbols and colors play a huge role in Miro’s works, whereas the overall visual spontaneity is actually a complete control in execution. as it would be better to be expressed from Miro’s words, Miro loved appraising coincidences.

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